With rising stress and anxiety stemming from navigating the rocky road of infertility, I had the opportunity to take multiple therapeutic yoga sessions with Michelle. […] 15 minutes into my first session, I recognized the immense power and impact from this slow, intentional practice. Not only did I achieve greater inner peace and calm, but the emotions I had tried storing inside me finally had the opportunity to release. After each session, I felt immense gratitude for taking that time for healing and breathing.

I was fortunate enough to have a private session with Michelle. It was much more than I had expected it to be. To me yoga was all about exercise and so this session opened my eyes to how wonderful, relaxing and calming it can be to relieve us of all the stress we process in our daily lives. She has the most calming voice and knows how to get you in the most relaxed mood to push away all the stress that is weighing you down. Can’t wait to have another session.

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