Create Your Space

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September 30, 2019


How to Choose a Space

Choose a quiet and ideally secluded space for your weekly practice. Consider all of the areas of your home. Do you have a spare bedroom or loft area? Or maybe your bedroom is large enough to set up a permanent self-care area just for you. Pick one that feels the most inviting to you.



Set Up an Inviting Space

Now that you have a space, let’s make it a comfy one. Gather all of your props and set them within reach. Make sure your journal is handy. And add any additional touches that speak to you. What would make the space more inviting to sit a little bit longer?



Create an Altar

Setting up an altar is certainly not necessary but highly encouraged. Think of it as a space to collect special mementos or little reminders of your intention or mantra. Items you might include are: candles, crystals, fresh flowers, trinkets, a mala necklace, a singing bowl, or maybe even some sage.

Now that we’ve covered setting up the space read this post to help you start, and stick to, a successful at home yoga practice.