February, A Month of Love ❤️, Is Almost Here

Infertility Resources
January 28, 2020


February is considered the ‘Month of Love’. With this in mind, February’s blog posts will focus on fostering a better relationship with your partner/spouse (We post every Tuesday, like clockwork). Below is a sneak peek at what we’ll cover each week. Check out our blog to get the full details and a few freebies when you sign up for our newsletter.



Tuesday, February 4th | Reignite Your Sex Life

Before sex becomes mundane from BDing every other day, make a conscious effort to keep things interesting. This blog post includes a FREE workbook with 28 Places to Get It On, and a blank tear-sheet for additional ideas.

Tuesday, February 11th | Grounds Rules for Communicating with Your Partner

The emotional, physical, and financial stress of infertility can make difficult discussions even harder. Learn 7 healthy ways to communicate while planning a family.

Tuesday, February 18th | How To Navigate Your Social Life During Infertility

Maintaining a social presence while going through infertility is challenging. In this blog post, we offer up a few things to consider when navigating social interactions as a couple or individual.

Tuesday, February 25th | Financial Planning for Infertility

Finances are a big part of the fertility treatment process. Before you start multiple rounds of expensive treatment, sit down and have a financial discussion with your partner/spouse. Included with this blog post is a FREE workbook to help facilitate the conversation and future ones.