Financial Planning for Infertility

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February 25, 2020

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Often times there’s a taboo around finances in this country. We keep our salaries, how much we have saved, how much we have in debt, and how much we paid for our houses secret (even though that is public record). There are stories of couples who keep their finances a secret from one another up until the wedding day, and some stories of constant deception through marriage only to be discovered in death. There are couples who have joint bank accounts, and others that have separate accounts, and some couples have both – a joint and his and hers spending accounts. No matter your financial situation – how much do you communicate with your partner about money?

Open communication is key. You could be a couple with millions of dollars in debt, or you can be a couple that retired early and is financially independent, or you can be somewhere in the middle (like most of us). 

When going through infertility treatments finances are a big part of the process in the US. If you’re #blessed, your insurance may cover a specific amount of treatment (number of cycles, maximum cost, etc.), but for the majority of Americans there are some out-of-pocket expenses, and for many, it’s tens-of-thousands of dollars.

Before you start multiple rounds of expensive treatment sit down and have a financial discussion to make sure you’re on the same page. And if you’re in the thralls of fertility treatment, it isn’t too late to sit down and have a conversation about your finances. Sign for our newsletter here and get our free Financial Planning for Infertility Workbook.