Laugh Your Way into the New Year

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December 24, 2019


The holidays can be fun and full of stress at the same time. When you’re going through infertility the constant comments and questions can be painful … “When are you going to have kids?” … “How are the treatments going?” … or our fave (insert eye roll) “Why don’t you just adopt?” Sometimes humor can be the best medicine. Laughter can increase serotonin levels creating a sense of calm and well-being. So, here’s a list of our favorite Movies and TV Shows to help us laugh, feel calm, and forget about everything…

OrchidExperience Laugh.jpeg

Watch The Grinch to keep the holiday spirit going.

For some nerdy humor watch Silicon Valley on HBO or catch up on reruns of The Big Bang Theory.

Love to travel? Or not? Watch other people’s gaffs unfold on EuroTrip or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Love a shows about functional (or are they dysfunctional) families? Check out Schitt’s CreekModern Family, or binge watch all four seasons of Life in Pieces.

For some retail therapy watch Super Store or watch Chuck for a twist.

Binge watch Jane The Virgin and laugh your way through a modern telenovela.

You can never go wrong with Home Alone (the first one) or Elf.

Want to watch women who are in control? Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or Veep (well she’s trying to get in control)

For some workplace humor 30 Rock and Brooklyn 99 will make you wish you could work with the cast.

I don’t know how your wedding went, but maybe Bridesmaids is relief to watch or all too real that it’s funny.

These are our favorites, and we know you have yours. No matter what you choose to watch, we hope you laugh, and laugh some more,and laugh until you can’t laugh any more.