How to Feel Secure, in Yourself

March 16, 2021

Understanding how you create a strong foundation for yourself on the yoga mat will help you off the mat and in the reproductive endocrinologist’s office. Because when you feel secure in yourself, you’re better able to engage with the world in a way that supports yourself and your infertility journey.

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9 practices for staying connected to yourself

September 22, 2020

Having trouble focusing or sleeping soundly through the night? Remaining grounded within your physical body is a valuable daily practice to explore. Below are three main areas that will help ease you into the Fall season more comfortably.

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6 Ways to Stay Sane this Fall

September 15, 2020

When we think of Fall usually we think about shedding, and letting go of things we no longer need. (Or we’re going crazy thinking about all the things we need to get done before the holidays.) But another way to look at autumn is that it’s a time for change.

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