Shame ≠ Power

May 11, 2021

Last week, we offered a brief overview of what it looks and feels like for your solar plexus or third chakra to be: 1) in balance, 2) in excess, or 3) deficient. If you missed last week’s blog post, check it out here. We also touched on how women tend to feel a great deal of shame when going through infertility. If that’s you, this next part is just for you.

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Leverage Your Power

May 4, 2021

The third chakra also known as Manipura (lustrous gem in Sanskrit) is all about ‘personal power.’ When this area of the subtle body is in balance, we have good self-esteem; our personality is warm; we’re able to meet challenges; and we’re spontaneous, playful, or humorous. You might also think of it this way: You have agency or autonomy over your life’s direction (or not).

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