The Un-Holiday: Switch Up Your Holidays

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December 1, 2020


Life teaches us many things. One of them is that not everything turns out exactly as planned. The holidays are no different, especially with COVID in the mix.

Maybe you’ve noticed friends or coworkers who have switched up their holiday celebrations to be slightly or drastically different from years past. You can too!

Here are two quick examples from our founders:

Michelle’s story

When we were newlyweds, we told both of our parents we wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving with just the two of us. It was one of the most memorable holidays yet. Why? Well, my husband made a delicious Indian dinner, and we went for a long hike in a nearby state park, and got lost (briefly). Food and the outdoors are two of my favorite things — the best turkey day ever (minus the turkey)!

Jen’s story

My husband and I have always traveled over the winter holidays. In our near 20 years of togetherness, the only time we spent Christmas or Thanksgiving at home was when we had newborn twins. When we were younger we went to our family’s for the holidays (we’ve never lived near family). As we got older, we travelled to different countries and explored the local culture. This year, we’ve been unsure of what the future holds, but we recently rented a place with a wood burning fireplace. As confirmed COVID cases are on the rise, we’re slowly abandoning our plans to visit family, and instead, we’re looking forward to hanging stockings over the fireplace, and taking our kids to a tree farm to cut down a tree for the first time. Though this may not be a tradition in the making, it will definitely be a holiday to remember.

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If you’re pining for holiday traditions from the past, we invite you to make the most of the current reality of social distancing by switching things up. Changing your perspective on what you can do creates momentum towards more positive experiences. You never know what might happen — Maybe you’ll start a new tradition for years to come.

The sky’s the limit! Get creative. Do something completely different or even un-holiday-like (Oooo!). Have fun. And above all else, be safe and responsible.