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March 1, 2022

Samadhi is the eighth limb of yoga and it means “bliss” or “pure bliss” sometimes “nirvana” or “enlightenment.” It’s not as unattainable, high, or as pious as it may sound. Using one word to describe a state or feeling can sometimes be misleading. Though in traditional forms reaching Samadhi may be described as feeling the world slow down, or being able to observe all of the energies of the world around you. More simply, in real life, Samadhi is about being at peace. That sounds pretty nice doesn’t it? 

This “peace” isn’t the fleeting peace we all experience. We all have those moments where we’re sitting on a park bench with someone we love. Together we’re watching the world go by and we’re in complete absorption of everything that’s happening around us. It’s that, but all the time. It’s also not that.

Samadhi is also about being at peace with the good and the bad. Individually and all at the same time. This is the place where most of us struggle. We have those moments of peace, but accepting the bad for what it is and being OK if the change we want to make isn’t possible or doesn’t go our way. This doesn’t mean giving up hope, or losing will power. Instead it means fully accepting and surrendering to what is at the moment. Making change from a place of true intention and also knowing when to leave the pursuit and move on to something else. 

When going through infertility, Samadhi and peace can be elusive. If and when we eventually find a little more peace, we reduce the anxiety and disappointment during our infertility journey.

Next week, we’ll explore a simple practice to help broker more peace into our lives.