Our workshops were designed with you in mind.

We are here to help you overcome the challenges that infertility creates along the path to parenthood. In our workshops, we share with you a multi-faceted approach to lessen the negative thought cycles, and to help reduce the high levels of stress, anxiety and depression that impact your well-being. In addition, our workshops create an opportunity to connect with other individuals along a similar path.

We have two formats to choose from:

  • In our 1 Day Workshop, we explore a handful of techniques to help you feel more at ease on a daily basis.
  • During our Multi-Day Workshop, we offer additional mind-body techniques to deepen your experience and better support your emotional and physical well-being.

Both workshops include some movement, journaling, and discussions. Please dress comfortably, and come prepared to move.

Please note: We are fully aware of the sensitivity and timing of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). At any point during the training if you need to take any medication, you will have the freedom to do so, including the ability to sit, lay, or walk for any period of time required for any medication.

What you should bring:

  • Journal (or paper) and something to write with
  • Any medications you need to take while the workshop is in progress
  • Water and snacks

Optional items:

  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga bolster or 2 Pillows
  • 2 Yoga blocks
  • 3 Yoga blankets or 3 throw blankets
  • 1 Eye pillow