5 yoga practices to help you grow in life

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December 14, 2021

Last week, we went over the physical practice of yoga or asana, and a brief history of how asana came about. This week, we’ll explore a few practices you can incorporate into your life to help you find balance.

Need to get the wiggles out?

Sun salutations help you tie the 3rd (asana) and the 4th (pranayama – covered next) limbs of yoga together. This practice is a moving meditation that requires some physical stamina and a little flexibility. If you’re feeling anxious about that upcoming pregnancy test (or anything else really), move through a few rounds of this Sun Salutation A.

  1. Mountain pose | Tadasana

  2. Inhale Upward Salute | Urdhva Hastasana

  3. Exhale Forward Fold | Uttanasana

  4. Inhale Half-Lift | Ardha Uttanasana

  5. Exhale Low Plank | Chaturanga Dandasana

  6. Inhale Upward Facing Dog | Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

  7. Exhale Downward Facing Dog | Adho Mukha Svanasana

  8. Hold for 5 breaths

  9. Exhale Walk/Float to Forward Fold | Uttanasana

  10. Inhale Half Lift| Ardha Uttanasana

  11. Exhale Forward Fold | Uttanasana

  12. Inhale Half-Lift | Urhva Hastasana

  13. Exhale Mountain Pose | Samasthiti (Tadasana Anjali Mudra)

Need to relax?

Here at Orchid Experience, we have several restorative postures we love, but here are two poses to help you get through most infertility situations. 

Need to receive love?

Need to cry?

Need to work on your physical balance?

The quintessential tree pose is a great way to practice standing on one foot. If you’re working your way through infertility chances are you’re not worried about breaking a hip, but as we age our balance starts to wane. Practicing standing on one foot regularly can help you find physical, mental, and life balance as well as prevent a hip fracture in old age 😉

Want to strengthen?

Plank poses are amazing for so many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons why we do them is strength. 

Want to conquer your fears?

Although yoga asana was first developed to help you sit comfortably, one of the most recognizable types of asanas are arm balances. Arm balances combine strength and courage, sometimes they even include flexibility. Crow pose is the first arm balance most yoga practitioners learn.