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April 20, 2021


This week, we’re moving up our sushumna nadi (central energy channel) to our second chakra, svadhisthana (also written svadhistana). Our sacral chakra is our center of creativity and is associated with our right to feel and have pleasure. When it’s blocked or out of balance it can disrupt our ability to create. If you’re on the infertility journey, you might have just had a lightbulb moment. Just because you are struggling to conceive doesn’t mean that your second chakra is out of balance, it could mean that there is a blockage somewhere else above or below this spot, but it doesn’t mean this chakra should be ignored… So let’s continue on to discover more.


Rigid in body and attitudes

Fear of sex

Poor social skills

Denial of pleasure

Fear of change


Pleasure addiction


Strong emotions or emotional swings

Poor boundaries (invasion of others)

Obsessive attachment

When the second chakra is balanced, you’ll find healthy boundaries, graceful movement, and ability to find pleasure. Chances are along the infertility journey you will find an imbalance in your second chakra. The process of diagnosis and treatment for infertility often leads to poking and prodding causing discomfort in that region. Next week, we’ll discuss ways to bring this chakra into balance.

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