Cleanse Your Inner & Outer Worlds

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June 30, 2020


Saucha translates to “purity” or “cleanliness” of mind, body, and heart. Here’s how that might play out across different areas of your inner and outer worlds.

Take a moment to reflect on the media you consume. What is the source? What is the energy behind it? If it’s always heavy or dark or negative then just like with foods that are bad for you so is the media you’re taking in. 

Take Action >> Consider removing any negative media from your daily use to cleanse this area of your life. For example, stop watching movies or TV shows with a lot of violence. Limit the amount of time you watch the daily news.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the expression “You are what you eat.” It’s true. The quality of food you nourish your body with is also an important component of Saucha. What’s the intention behind the food you consume? Is it fast, fried, and unhealthy? Is it made with good intentions and love? Is it organic?

Take Action >> Remove processed foods, eat organic vegetables and fruits, reduce or better yet eliminate alcohol and caffeine consumption.

The physical space around you or your environment. Is it clean? Is it tidy? Or is it cluttered, dirty, dark, and dingy? The sheer accumulation of things and dust and dirt can have a negative impact on your well-being. 

Take Action >> Clean, clean, clean. Put things away. Get organized. Or better yet consider donating, recycling, or throwing away anything you haven’t used in the past 6-12 months. When you’re done look around and notice if the space feels better. 

The physical body is a place we each call home. Do you take care of your physical body by honoring its needs, bathing daily, staying fit, and getting enough rest? Is your body an inviting space or does it feel unsafe or unwelcoming? Do you think your body is broken from repeat infertility cycles?

Take Action >> Take a shower or a hot bath. Shave. Get a haircut. Trim your nails. Be kind to your body. Give your body thanks for all that it allows you to do.

The mind space. Spend five minutes observing the tone & quality of your thoughts. Are they clean and pure of negativity or harmful thoughts aimed towards yourself and/or others? Are you beating yourself up because another month has passed and you’re not pregnant, again?

Take Action >> Anytime a negative, critical or harmful thought enters your mind tell yourself “not right now.” Let the thought pass on by like a floating cloud in the sky thereby shifting to a more positive and pure way of thinking. 

The heart space. The place for compassion, love, kindness, and beauty. Does it feel heavy or weighted down? Is it open and inviting towards not only others but also yourself, your future child?

Take Action >> Surround yourself with more beauty, kind and generous people, and give yourself love and compassion every day.

By now we think you get the idea. Be kind, be gentle, be compassionate towards yourself and others, always.