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June 2, 2021


I find it ironic that we’re covering Vishuddha – the energetic center for communication – during a mercury retrograde. But that’s besides the point. Today, we’re offering an overview of the throat chakra or fifth chakra – the location for self-expression, communication, and speaking your truth. 

Communicating your emotions and thoughts while going through infertility can be challenging, even for the most assertive person, but especially for those who are a bit more timid. This lack of expression could be due to ‘white coat syndrome,’ or a shutting down emotionally due to continued stress from repeat cycles of loss. It could also be because of how one is inclined to speak or not speak on their behalf.

Expressing yourself during infertility is important because you need to be able to:

  1. Identify and articulate your needs to yourself, and your partner, support system, and doctors.

  2. Ask probing questions (push back on treatment protocols that aren’t working) that require your reproductive endocrinologist to listen and respond accordingly.

  3. Work through or process your grief so that it doesn’t become stagnant or stuck.

    Here’s what Vishuddha looks like when it’s out of balance:


Poor listening skills

Dominating voice

Too much talking



Weak voice

Shyness or introversion

Difficulty expressing feelings

Fear of speaking

If you find yourself lacking the ability to express exactly what it is you need or want, check out our “Infertility & Self-Advocacy: A Guide for Getting the Answers You Need” ebook. It offers a handful of ways to improve your self-expression and tips for asking the right questions. All good things when you’re facing family-building challenges.

Next week, we offer up ways to bring your fifth chakra back into balance so stay tuned.


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