Connection to Self, Community, and a Higher Power

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July 7, 2021

Believing in, and staying connected, to the universal power (feel free to use your preferred term) that binds us all together is hard to do when your sister-in-law or a random woman on the sidewalk is pregnant, and you are not. Our fear of potentially never getting pregnant divides us, makes us compare ourselves to others, and turns our thoughts into ‘us versus them.’ This frame of thinking doesn’t allow for universal connection, which is the ultimate goal for the crown chakra (If you missed last week’s blog post, check it out here.) And yet, it’s where many of us find ourselves after a year or more of trying to get pregnant.

We get you girl, and also, we encourage you to think about the negative energy you’re channeling when you come from that or any other not-so-pleasant thought or feeling state. It doesn’t mean that you can’t feel it or think it. That’s not what we’re suggesting, because there is value in feeling your feelings, and examining them too. All we’re suggesting is that you: first, honor what you’re experiencing; second, explore what’s driving the feeling tone; and lastly, consider how you might redirect that energy towards other endeavours. (Ok, we got off on a bit of a tangent, but a necessary one.)

Attachment to a desired end goal (having a baby) halts our ability to ride the fluidity of energy that connects us to ourselves, each other, and a higher power. When we trust the natural flow of energy and events that take place, we’re better able to embrace what unfolds in front of us without grasping for what we think we need or want at that time. Allowing yourself to surrender and to place your trust in a higher power, creates opportunity for you to re/connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Here are three ways to bring Sahasrara back into balance:

  1. Practice Aparigrapha – Non-attachment doesn’t mean you can’t have a vision at all. It means when you have a dream, or vision of how you’d like to something to come into existence, that you follow this course of action:

    1. Let your desire be known

    2. Let go of attachment to the precise steps you’ll take to get there (a rough idea is fine)

    3. Enjoy the journey from where you are to where you will eventually arrive

    4. Be open to how everything unfolds

    5. Accept that where you eventually land may not look exactly like you had hoped

    6. Practice gratitude along the way

  2. Re/Connect to Your Body – Staying connected to your body brings your awareness back to the feedback (sensations) you’re receiving. By being aware of the information you’re observing and feeling within yourself, you’re better able to choose the next right action. One way to reconnect is through the physical practice of yoga and allowing yourself to remain in savasana, or a restorative yoga posture, for a recommended 10 minutes or more. By giving yourself more time in a relaxing pose, you’re allowing your senses to withdraw (pratyahara) from the external world so that you can notice what arises within you. We also suggest revisiting both root chakra blog posts: Understanding Your Foundation and Establishing a Steady Foundation.

  3. Re/Establish Your Faith (deficient) – Spirituality, as defined by Love & Talbot, is “an internal process of seeking personal authenticity, genuineness, and wholeness as an aspect of identity development; the process of continually transcending one’s current locus of centricity (e.g., egocentricity); the development of a greater connectedness to self and others through relationships and union with community; the process of deriving meaning, purpose, and direction in one’s life; and involves an increasing openness to exploring a relationship with an intangible and pervasive power or essence or center of value that exists beyond human existence and rational human knowing.” Our number one tool for cultivating self-awareness is through mindfulness. And our number one way to process this connection is through journaling. Putting pen to paper is a great way to review the contents of your emotional, mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual realms on a daily basis. 

Like we mentioned in our previous post about the crown chakra – there’s quite a bit folded in here. We hope you’re able to use these recommendations to bring your crown chakra back into balance. 


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