How would you describe your mental state right now?

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August 3, 2021


Over the summer, we dove into the deep end of energy by covering the Chakras and how to bring them back into balance. If you missed any of those posts, we invite you to start at the beginning

We’re continuing with the energy theme by exploring how the mind, which serves as a filter for information received from our external environment, and how that very information influences other areas of our lives. Let’s dive in!

Ask yourself these questions?

  1. Have you ever felt so stressed out by something that you ate your weight in cookies or drank your sorrows away?

  2. Have you ever thrown yourself into your work or a project to keep yourself distracted from something?

  3. Have you ever felt like you couldn’t make a decision because your mind felt cloudy?

Pick one of those times and ask yourself:

  1. What was the feeling state of your mind like?

    Consider (circle or make note of any that apply): nervous, unclear, dull, depressed, content, hyperactive, accepting, hopeless, concentrated, flooded with thoughts.

  2. How did your mental state influence your emotions?

    Consider (circle or make note of any that apply): dejection, love, envy, sadness, clinging, desire, anger, faith, jealousy, cheerfulness, apathy, competitiveness, detachment.

  3. How did your thoughts influence your environment (or vice versus)?

    Consider (circle or make note of any that apply): exciting, dull, dark, green, argumentative, slothful, clean, busy, depressing, harmonious.

All of this is great information to have. Why? Because over the next three weeks, we’ll cover each one of the gunas, also known as the primary qualities of the mind, in more detail. Stay tuned to learn more.

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