Improve Your Self-Expression

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June 8, 2021


Communication is a very important component of daily life. When your throat chakra or Vishuddha is out of balance it can be difficult to express your needs and desires. Last week, we covered what an imbalance might look like in this area. 

Today, we’re sharing three ways to improve your fifth chakra:

  1. Read poetry, an article or essay, or script out loud. You could even sing your favorite song. Chanting works too. Then, listen to your voice, observe the tone and the quality. Notice if the throat feels constricted or strained in any way. You might also find yourself clearing your throat out of habit. Continue practicing or reading weekly and see if the tension you feel goes away. 

  2. Paint, color, write, draw, scribble in a journal or on stretched canvas. Allow yourself, in whatever ways you need, to express and fill the blank canvas or page(s). Do so without correcting or trying to analyze anything. Just let your creativity flow freely.

  3. Express your needs and desires with compassion and kindness. Sometimes the hardest part is identifying what you’re thinking and feeling. Speak to a friend who knows how to hold space (active listening) or speak to your therapist. Listen to the words as they come out of your mouth. Feel their weight, vibration, and intention. Notice what is repeated back to you. Allow what is expressed to inform how and what you choose to communicate to others.

Last week, we shared a downloadable ebook called “Infertility & Self-Advocacy: A Guide for Getting the Answers You Need.” This 30+ page PDF offers a handful of ways to improve your self-expression and tips for asking the right questions. 

All good things when you’re struggling to communicate effectively, especially during infertility.