Moving with Grace

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April 28, 2021


Too emotional, too stoic? Creative or logical? The second chakra is about our right to feel, and this week we learn how to balance the extremes that may arise in these areas.



When svadhisthana is in balance, it allows us to feel creative and move freely while still being in control. We can move freely, think creatively, have healthy boundaries, and a good sense of emotional balance.


You may have an excessive (or overactive) second chakra if you feel or have any of these characteristics: pleasure addiction, excessively strong emotions, invasion of other’s boundaries, emotional dependency, over sensitivity.


A deficient sacral chakra may look like: rigid body, rigid attitudes, fear of sex, denial of pleasure, fear of change, and lack of desire.

“Holding one’s center (related to the grounding of chakra one) is essential to finding a healthy balance.This balance is not a matter of rigid restriction to a fixed center, but a homeostatic fluctuation around an inner stability[…]” (Judith, Anodea 2004, pg. 144)



Schedule. Structure is a great way to set some boundaries. A simple daily schedule can help you prioritize the big things in life, by starting with the simple. Set an alarm to wake up in the morning. This doesn’t need to be harsh, a simple light that turns on at a specified time, or an alarm that sounds like birds chirping can be soothing and easy to wake to. Set a bedtime. Most people have an “ideal” time to go to bed but one thing leads to the next and before we know it it’s two hours past. You can set up an app or the functions on your phone to turn off your ability to browse social media or the internet at specified times. Setting an alarm 30-minutes before your bedtime can be a “last call” for you to finish whatever you are working on and give you plenty of time to turn your electronics off before hitting the hay. 

Social Boundaries. Setting that schedule is good practice for this next area. You’ll learn a few things, and discover more about yourself if you try implementing a basic schedule. What worked and what didn’t? Take what did work and place similar boundaries around social interactions. If you go to a party, set a predetermined time you intend on leaving, so that you’re not the last one out (like always). If that 30-minute alarm was useful, do the same in another situation. Planning a lunch date? Schedule a reasonable window (two hours) and make sure you have another commitment after the lunch date so you CAN’T spend all day on a LUNCH date. Before you go over to anyone’s house ask “was I invited?” It’s ok to occasionally pop by a friends house to drop something off or make sure they’re ok, but if you do this several times a month you might need to reevaluate. As a general rule, make sure there was a mutual agreement on the invitation.

Addiction. For all serious addictions seeking professional help is a must. If you find yourself over indulging in harmless activities, starting a mindfulness practice is a great way to bring things back into order. We’ve written extensively about mindfulness and have several practices in THE PATHS. If you find yourself eating a tub of Ben & Jerry’s at night, try mindful eating. If you find yourself over working, try mindful walking. There are an infinite number of ways to practice mindfulness, try one that works best for you. 


Move that body. Creative movement on it’s own may be difficult for many, but with a deficient second chakra this may be even harder. Don’t force the movement. Maybe follow a video (dance or flow yoga) then start to notice how it feels. Try making small adjustments and notice the change in sensations. Feel free to close your eyes and begin to move as your body is asking. You can also put on your favorite music and see what wiggles out.

Pen to paper. Or paint, or crayons, or markers. Give journaling a try. Put pen to paper, set a timer (five minutes to start), and start writing, drawing, or doodling. Keep the pen going until the timer goes off. Even if there are no words in the end, the act of doodling can tap into the 2nd chakra. Try a paint (or color) by numbers. And as a bonus, the act of coloring can activate the same parts of your brain as meditating, helping you to reduce your overall stress.

Music. If you play a musical instrument, or like to sing, do it! You don’t need to create something new. Play something that is written or sing along with your favorite song. And if you feel like doing neither of those things, turn on some music in the background, and if the moment strikes you, tap your foot to the beat, sway side to side, or put those arms up in the air.

There are so many great ways to balance our creativity and move with freedom. We hope these spark a renewed curiosity that will get you exploring. Next week, we move on to our seat of power with the third chakra.

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