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June 29, 2021


Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about the final chakra, also known as Sahasrara. 

But first, religion and spirituality can get tricky, and we certainly don’t want to offend anyone. We invite you to use your preferred term (e.g., god, spirit, higher power, universe, source energy) as you read this blog post. 

Ok, let’s jump in.

The ultimate goal of the crown chakra is to trust the flow of energy throughout the universal system that connects us all. When we accept that we are all one, we’re better able to remain open to new ideas, trust our inner wisdom, and tune into the lessons and information being offered to us by a higher power. The basic right of this energy center is that we have the right to know and to learn. And the demon, or main difficulty, with this chakra is attachment.

“Through pain and not getting what I want and expect, I learn the most about my attachments and about myself, and thus I can grow.” – Charles Whitfield, p.405

What are we all striving for? To become pregnant, to carry a baby to term, and deliver a healthy newborn we can call our own. We realize this hits home for pretty much all of us. And also, we believe it’s important to recognize our attachments and the power they have over us (We’ll get into how to address them in our next blog post).

Another way to look at the seventh chakra is from a spirituality lens. Are we overly rigid about our belief system to the point we’re unwilling to listen (with kindness and respect) to someone else’s thoughts? Or maybe we’ve found ourselves in complete disbelief of God.

And a third way to explore Sahasrara is through the mind. Are we clear about a situation, event or person? If not, what can we do to counteract the confusion we’re experiencing? Or maybe we’re over-analyzing every single little detail (We’re guessing this sounds all too familiar too). 

Here’s what Sahasrara looks like when it’s out of balance:


Over intellectualization


Spiritual addiction

Dissociation from body


Spiritual cynicism


Excess in lower chakras

Rigid belief system

There’s quite a bit folded into the seventh chakra, and we certainly can’t examine every little detail to the fullest here. But what we can do is give you a few areas to explore in next week’s blog post. If you want to do a little homework in the meantime, give this blog post a read.


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