Q&A with Jen about the Chakras

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July 20, 2021


During this Q&A, Jen, co-founder of Orchid Experience, shares her history of the chakras and how she uses them in her life.

1) What was your understanding of the chakras during your infertility journey? 

For me, I was introduced to the chakras years before having children. I started yoga teacher training before we “pulled the goalie” and during my training is when I was first officially introduced to the idea of chakras. By the time we were on our infertility journey I was well aware of what they were.

2) How do you work with the energy centers, and how frequently? 

Chakras are one of many tools I use in my life to help me find balance. If you’re familiar with the various personality tests, like Myers-Briggs or True Colors, they are these guides, or maybe even boxes that you can place yourself in to help you better reach your goals and solve your problems. In yoga, there are many tools including the Chakras. I like to tap into as many tools (yoga or not) to help me find balance in my own life. As a former military spouse we’re accustomed to frequent moves. Through the chakra lens this is a literal uprooting, and leads to a deficiency in the root chakra. With this knowledge everytime we moved, the first thing I would do is try to bring back some continuity to my life in the new location. Typically that means getting back on my mat and doing some yoga, finding a coffee/tea that I love and making that every morning, and creating/recreating a basic daily routine. Oh and finding a new place to live. That sounds obvious, but if you’ve ever hunted for a house/apartment you’ll know how daunting that can be. Our goal was always to find a place within the first weekend of moving.

3) What benefits have you noticed from working with them? 

Honestly it’s been so long since I first learned about chakras it’s hard to imagine the impact it would have to not know about them. Chakras also overlap with a lot of other yogic ideas/philosophies like the Koshas, Doshas, and Prana Vayus. They all tie so nicely into each other it becomes difficult to see the separation. The only constant in life is change, and we’re constantly trying to maintain balance in every aspect of our lives every minute. For me I’m more consciously aware of when something doesn’t feel right where it might be in the chakras. With that I can choose physical, mental, or breathing practice to help shift me back towards balance.

4) What are you currently working on balancing and why? 

We moved recently and even though we’re in a place, we’re still not settled. The feeling of being grounded comes and goes, and it might be another year before we really feel home, but we know it’ll take time.

5) Anything else you’d like to share or tell to those just getting started with balancing their chakras?

During my infertility journey I looked to the chakras to “fix” my/our “problem.” It wasn’t a regular exploration, but there were a few deep dives into “What is wrong with my second chakra?” And “Maybe my heart chakra is not open enough to receive/give more love.” In all reality it’s not as simple as opening a chakra. If there’s a physical issue you still need professional medical interventions to get pregnant. In hindsight the best “work” I did on my chakras was to journal. Journaling helped me off load my emotions. It helped me see my own voice/thoughts clearly.

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