Renewable love

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May 25, 2021


Last week, instead of looking at ways to rebalance the third chakra, we spoke of the emotion ‘shame.’ This week, we’ll do the same for our 4th chakra. Most everyone going through infertility will have a deficient fourth chakra from the continual desire to create a family but falling short every month. 

Anahata means “unstruck.” On the infertility roller coaster, the heart feels more like a punching bag constantly being beaten to no end. One blow after another, how much more can one’s heart take?: another big fat NEGATIVE; maybe a miscarriage, or another mortgage payment down the drain to cover fertility expenses. You might be asking yourself “When will it ever end?”

I am complete and loved.-2.png

Let’s start with a mantra (or two):

I am complete and loved. 

I am loving to myself and others.

It’s hard to feel, accept, or recognize this when on the infertility roller coast. But repeating a mantra several times in a row (try 3, 5, or 108) can help you step into that feeling. Set the mantra as your home screen on your phone (feel free to download the one above) or set a reminder for every day at a particular time. Need a little more reminding? Set that reminder for morning, noon, and night.

Next, let’s do some drugs:

I know, I know! You’re probably thinking “I have a portable cooler and sharps bin that I carry around with me a few weeks per month. I don’t need more drugs!!!” But this is a different kind of drug. Oxytocin. Ok, that might get you going too. We all know it’s the bonding hormone, or the “feel good” drug. It’s super easy to release: hug a loved one for 10 seconds, or pet a dog for 5-10 minutes. Either way, you’ll be filling your heart from the bottom to the top with love.

Get it out:

Write it down. Even if writing, journaling, or language is not your thing – just write it down. Write your story down. Write why it hurts. How it feels. What your desires are. What your fears are.

In the end, you can tear it up, throw it away, or burn it. You don’t have to re-read it (though you can if you want). The act of writing it down can help you get rid of it, or help you process what you’re feeling. Give it a try, and make space for more love in your heart.

There are so many ways to help mend a broken heart and create balance in the fourth chakra. Give these few ways a try to cultivate more love and self-acceptance in your life.