Seeing Clearly

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June 22, 2021


Even if you aren’t going through infertility, the sixth chakra can be hard to balance. We live in an instant gratification world and the constant dopamine reward for every “like,” feel-good movie on-demand, and delivery-desserts can be hard to forgo. 

What do you do when you CAN’T have the one thing you are biologically supposed to have? Deny the problem. Buy a minivan (because you know you’re going to have twins). Workout two hours every day. Become the best baker on your block because you can (and need the distraction). All of these things just sidestep the fact that the vision you had for your life may not line up with reality. So, how can you keep this vision of your family while still living in reality?

Here are two ways to balance your Ajna chakra:

  1. Journal – It’s a favorite here at the Orchid Experience. It’s like doing therapy, but with yourself. There are fewer barriers and there’s no (or shouldn’t be any) judgment. You can doodle, make lists, or write an epic. Whatever is on your mind is free game, and the best part is you can rip it up, flush it, or even burn it afterward. You don’t even have to reread what you wrote. Ever. If you’re new to journaling check out this post to help you get started.

  2. Mindfulness/Meditation – of course, we suggest this. Both of these practices can help you get clear. Through mindfulness and meditation, we learn to pause before the instant reward or the reaction. It stops you from eating that whole pint of Talenti Gelato (Co-founder Michelle’s fave) when you’re upset. Instead, it helps you listen inward to see what you really need. Maybe you need to physically move, maybe you need to talk to someone, or maybe you’re deficient in calcium and calories and could use that pint of gelato 😉 (there’s no judgment here).

Having a vision of what you want and what you have can be two different things. Reconciling the difference, or planning the path, requires patience and trusting your intuition as well as the drive to take a step forward. Work on balancing that third eye to help lead the way.