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August 31, 2021


What if we shared with you one powerful way to cultivate an infertility journey where you experience more emotional and mental equanimity?

We all want to experience more happiness, right? But there are two things (beyond fear) that get in the way of us achieving what we most desire, and they are:

  1. Expecting objects and people to bring us endless joy.

    Most of the time we expect external objects and people to make us happy. We keep reaching for them (e.g., title, dog, house, new car) and end up disappointed because the joy we feel is short-lived. We repeat this vicious cycle of — joy, disappointment, joy, disappointment  — until we learn differently. If you want to read more on this topic, give this blog post a read and keep reading below.

  2. Allowing the way we perceive our external landscape to negatively impact our internal landscape.
    If you missed any of the previous blog posts about the Gunas (also known as the filters of the mind), we recommend you read all of them in this order before continuing:

  1. Overview – How would you describe your mental state right now?

  2. Tamas – Are you currently operating in sloth-mode?

  3. Rajas – Is your mind a hamster running on a wheel?

  4. Sattva – How grasping for happiness leads to disappointment.

Now that you have a better understanding of the Gunas, let’s do a quick exercise. This exercise will help bring some insights to the surface for you.

In the table below, we summarize the three different filters and the areas impacted. Next, circle or make note of each area that resonates the most with where you are mentally right now. Then, tally up the number of areas circled in each column.


You can also download this worksheet here.

Getting a baseline of where you are in this moment helps shift your focus to better support yourself, especially as it relates to your trying-to-conceive journey. 

If you’re in a tamasic mode, use rajas to encourage movement before exploring sattva.

If you’re in a rajasic mode, use tamas to slow down the momentum before exploring sattva.

If you’re in a sattva mode, maintain consistent observation and make adjustments as needed that support you.

If you’re straddling two modes, use your newfound knowledge and awareness to shift towards sattva.

You have the power to create a life where you find more joy on a regular basis. It requires you to take consistent action. We encourage you to consciously choose how you move forward from a place of emotional and mental equanimity. You can do it!

Are you craving more actionable ways for shifting your mindset, especially with your fertility journey? And you’re ready to do the work? Awesome! Download our Reset Your Fertility Mindset eBook. It’s free. 

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