Six Easy Ways to Feel More Secure Within Yourself

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January 12, 2021


Feel anxious? Depressed? Crazy? Unsettled? Uncertain of what the future holds? This year more than any in our lifetimes is filled with so many unknowns. So how do you feel even just “O.K.” with everything swirling around you? Here are our favorite tips:


1. Mantra

“I am here now” This mantra is great for bringing you back to the present and into your body. This isn’t the only mantra out there, come up with your own, or search the internet. If you see something that resonates with you, put it on the homescreen of your phone and when you need to come back down to Earth say your mantra (maybe outloud) three times with meaning.


2. Feel the Ground

‘Grounding’ — As yoga teachers this is a word we use quite often and feel in ourselves. But how do you ground? Literally touch the ground, or notice where you connect to the ground. If you’re wearing shoes, take them off. Place your feet on the floor and notice what parts of your toes, heels, and maybe even arches connect or brush the ground. Stand there, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Still not grounded? Touch the ground with your hands or lay down. We’re serious. 


3. Deep Breaths

Diaphragmatic breathing is a physiological way to bring yourself down to a calm state. Take a deep breath in through the nose, allow the belly and chest to expand, then slowly exhale the air out allowing your shoulders and belly to relax. Repeat a few times. How do you feel now?


4. Sing a Song

We all know music can change our mood. Put on your favorite tunes and sing. Sing your heart out. Sing like no one is watching.


5. Get Out in Nature

This is a little like feeling the ground underneath you, but actually getting out in nature. Feeling the ground under your feet, hearing the wind through the trees, and smelling fresh air can be so reviving and relaxing at the same time.


6. Practice Yoga

The physical practice of yoga involves mindful movement. As much as restorative yoga is designed to help bring you into a state of relaxation, sometimes you might feel like you’re too much in your head. If that’s the case for you right now, try a vinyasa flow to restorative yoga class. If you need a pick me up, try a restorative yoga to vinyasa flow class. Or if you just need to stay low to the ground, go for that full on restorative yoga class. We’ve got one for you to try. Check it out the next time you need to feel less swirly.

These are just a few ways to help you feel more relaxed and grounded. How do you connect to your true self? What resources or tools do you use to reconnect with the quiet stillness within? What’s your favorite way?

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