Three Podcasts Talking about Infertility

March 9, 2021

Sometimes it’s helpful to hear other women’s and couple’s stories in order to figure out how you want to proceed with your own journey. Here are three podcasts we recommend for gathering information, feeling like you’re not alone, and gaining an understanding of the different options available to you.

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Six Steps to Move the Infertility Needle

February 23, 2021

What does being out of balance feel like to you? Generally, when we feel out of balance it’s usually too much or too little energy. Too much energy typically comes in the form of anxiety, and too little energy (with or without depression) can make it difficult or impossible to take a step forward. If we stay in one of these states long enough we might find ourselves in a place of normalcy, or even worse, feeling both of these feelings at the same time. So what do you do?

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One Quick Easy Technique to Reduce Stress – Breathe Deeply

February 16, 2021

Breathing is the one thing we can live without for the shortest period of time. It’s automatic, and it’s rarely something we think about. How’s your breathing? Once we start thinking about our breath we have a tendency to start shaping it and controlling it. Did you do that just now?

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Let’s set some goals!

December 15, 2020

The end of the calendar year signals “out with the old in with the new.” For many of us, this means creating resolutions to help accomplish the “new.” Here at Orchid Experience, we are huge fans of not waiting and starting a new resolution/goal as it arises, but as we approach the end to this very unusual year, we are in the same boat as everyone else — wishfully hoping 2021 will even be just a tiny bit closer to normal.

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