Seven Ways to Make Tough Decisions During Infertility

February 3, 2021

We’ve all been there: what do we do? Just to get to this place in your fertility journey you had to make some tough decisions. Pull the goalie, now? Or after my sister’s wedding? Do we want a summer or winter baby? Do we buy the bigger car now or wait until we need enough room for 3 kids? Buy a house? With 4 bedrooms?

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A New Beginning Versus a New Cycle.

January 21, 2021

Here in the US, today is inauguration day, and every 4 to 8 years, when this day rolls around, it’s the beginning of a new cycle in our democracy. When we discussed what to write for today, we kept going back and forth on this idea: Is today a ‘new beginning,’ or is it just the start of a ‘new cycle?’ And then we asked each other, what’s the difference? As females, we see this in our monthly cycle, but when you’re trying to conceive, does the end of a cycle signify a new beginning or a new cycle for you? And when you’re going through fertility treatments, does that answer change?

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