Three steps to embrace your infertility journey right now.

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August 11, 2020


Surrendering to what is or the reality right in front of you while trying to conceive is a tough one. Ishvara Pranidhana is just that. This niyama asks us to let go of what we want something to be and embrace what something is right now. It also asks us to trust what is being offered vs. trying to force something into existence. 

Think about that for a moment with your own infertility journey.

I think for many of us, when we start trying to get pregnant, we already have this vision or expectation of what the experience will be like, right? We paint this elaborate picture of how quickly we’ll get pregnant, how we’ll share the news with our partner that we’re expecting, how we’ll tell our family and friends, what names we like if it’s a boy or a girl, and what the nursery might look like. When we get swept up in this story of how we think our fertility journey will go, we create attachments to the vision that are extremely challenging to let go of when it doesn’t come to fruition. And then we’re left to grapple with the vision we had and the reality right in front of us. That is not a fun place to be.

Instead, we recommend trying your best to:

1) Not get attached to a vision or expected outcome to begin with, 

2) Recognize and honor the reality taking place in this moment, and 

3) Practice gratitude for what you’re experiencing right now. 

By doing so, you’re setting yourself up for receiving what is coming to you rather than trying to force something into existence. When we come from a place of receiving, we stop pushing or grasping for that vision, and instead, we embrace what is unfolding right in front of us with grace, truth, and acceptance.