Mind-Body and Conception

“Just relax and you’ll get pregnant” or “Once you stop trying you’ll get pregnant.” You’re probably fuming thinking “If I hear that one more time…” If it was as easy as just relaxing and you’ll get pregnant, you would have gotten pregnant the last time you had a spa day or went on vacation. Instead, you’re reading this because it hasn’t been as simple as just relaxing and getting rid of stress, you need a little help and that’s O.K.

The first step is recognizing that there is stress. The whole process requires you to relinquish most of the control in something that is supposed to be so innate its likened to being our only biological purpose. You now rely on a team of people, several appointments, modern-day technology, and a down payment for a house to attempt to get you pregnant. Each of these things adds stress, so no matter how cool-as-a-cucumber you usually are you will undoubtedly feel a little stressed at some point.

You can’t avoid the stress, that’s clear, but there are several mind-body tools that you can use to recognize when you are feeling stressed and help you start to relax. Several new studies are showing that mind-body programs are decreasing stress, decreasing depression, and increasing pregnancy rates during IVF. Join us for one of our workshops and learn how to use these tools to your advantage!