As you go on this journey, have each partner complete this questionnaire. Do this individually then listen intently (and without interruptions) as each one shares their answers. After everyone has shared have a conversation about where you agree and where you need to find middle ground.


I am willing to spend       number of months/years going through treatment.

I am willing to do the following procedures:


I am willing to spend $                

I am will to go through        rounds of timed intercourse/IUI/IVF.

Being categorized as infertile makes me feel (list your top 5 adjectives):

Going through treatment feels like (list 5):

I am worried about (list 10):

My top goal is:

Who do we share this information with:

I care if other people get pregnant yes/no. (choose one)


When someone is pregnant I want to be notified/not notified, and (how)…


I do/not want to participate in baby showers.


How I feel about adoption:

How I feel about egg/embryo/sperm donation (to create our child):


How I feel about egg/embryo/sperm donation to help pay or in a result of our treatment:


How I feel about surrogacy:


How I feel about living child free: