Yoga + Journal

Our society places a great deal of emphasis on the “thinking” mind. We’re more concerned about measuring success and performance than we are about how we feel deep down. We push, shove, ignore, and numb what we don’t want to experience to the point we become disconnected from the innate intelligence of our bodies. This practice invites you to reconnect with the sensations you feel throughout every area of your body from the surface to your very core. We ask that you open a dialogue between your mind and your body, and trust what arises without judgment.

First, set up your mat and props, grab your journal, and open to a clean sheet of paper. Write down 1, 2, 3, 4 with a decent amount of space in between each number. As we move through each pose, consider which word resonates with you, and then explain why. Don’t worry! We’ll give you some time to pause and jot down your thoughts in between each pose.