The Extended Effect of Infertility: A Mother-Daughter Interview

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January 21, 2020

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Michelle, co-founder of Orchid Experience, sat down with her mom, Gail, and asked her to share her experience as a mother seeing her daughter struggle with infertility. Their conversation sheds light on how a mother would do anything to help her daughter, but sometimes all she can do is be there to listen and support her any way she can.  

Michelle: “We’re designed as human beings to procreate. I had never thought about that before. I had never thought about how that innate design kind of drives the desire to have a baby.”


Gail: “I hurt for you, because you were struggling. Mothers always fix things for their kids, no matter what age they are or become. […] I couldn’t fix it, there was nothing I could do.” 

Michelle: “Part of the challenge when I went childfree was reconciling the checklist of well, shit my life doesn’t resemble the status quo of what it means to be successful as an adult. There was a lot of guilt that my life doesn’t resemble the status of giving my parents grandchildren. That was hard, I felt really guilty about that.”


Two main highlights from this conversation Michelle never knew are: 

Listen to the full conversation here.

Michelle and her mom

Michelle and her mom