Q&A with Jen about the Chakras

July 20, 2021

During this Q&A, Jen, co-founder of Orchid Experience, shares her history of the chakras and how she uses them in her life.

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Q&A with Michelle about the Chakras

July 14, 2021

During this Q&A, Michelle, co-founder of Orchid Experience, shares how she first learned about the chakras and how she uses them to bring balance back into her life.

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Renewable love

May 25, 2021

Last week, instead of looking at ways to rebalance the third chakra, we spoke of the emotion ‘shame.’ This week, we’ll do the same for our 4th chakra. Most everyone going through infertility will have a deficient fourth chakra from the continual desire to create a family but falling short every month.

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Centering Your Heart

May 18, 2021

The fourth chakra, Anahata, is located in the heart/chest and stretches out through the arms (Think about an embracing hug). The fourth chakra is centered around your right to love and be loved. It’s foundations are built during your early childhood and revolve around you forming friendships and familial relationships.

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