7th Limb of Yoga – Dhyana

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February 15, 2022

As we step into these last two limbs of yoga, they become harder and harder to attain. 

Over the last two weeks, we covered the sixth limb Dharana, which must be achieved before we move into the seventh limb Dhayana. Dhyana is often referred to as “absorption.” It is typically assumed this is done through meditation. As we previously discussed, Dharana is concentration. Once you have focused concentration you obtain Dhyana, which is sustained focus. Think of it like a steady stream of consciousness without all of that thought stuff. 

Kinda like your obsession with getting pregnant — it’s all consuming. 

You might be asking “What’s the difference?” or “What’s the point?” I’m going through infertility, I can barely focus on my work. Well, we don’t have a great answer for you other than if you work on the limb(s) before, you may eventually achieve Dhyana. And as you continue to practice, you will deepen your connection to yourself, develop better interoceptive awareness, and find more satisfaction in life as a whole. If you’re more satisfied in life as a whole, you’ll be more resilient on your  journey through infertility. 

To sum it up (This would have been so helpful during yoga teacher training):

Come back next week when we offer a practice to help you reach Dhyana.