The 6th Limb – Dharana

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February 1, 2022

The sixth limb of yoga takes us away from a physical practice and into an internalized practice. The last two weeks we used Pratyahara (the fifth limb) to enhance some senses and reduce the distraction of others. Dharana, the sixth limb, is pointed focus or concentration. This is the start of meditation.

Have you heard of being “in the zone?” Often people describe this sensation when on a long run, playing an intense sport where they’re winning, creative writing, or playing a musical instrument. Though these are all physical activities it’s a way to convey the idea of extreme focus or concentration — Dharana.

As far as infertility goes, the practice of Dharana is a way to deepen the connection to yourself. Taking it a step further from Pratyahara you may find your “gut feelings” or “gut instincts” louder than they have been before, and you might find they’re almost always right.

We’ve talked before about building interoceptive awareness, but when you have a good connection with Dharana, or this practice of concentration, your interoceptive awareness is typically more pronounced. In the end, you make better, more informed, decisions.

Come back next week where we’ll introduce you to a Dharana practice.