The Value of Creating Space for Yourself

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March 17, 2020

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In this day and age (especially right now with the coronavirus halting the daily structure of our lives that we value so deeply), things are always shifting, change is ever more constant. With change, comes the need to be even more adaptive and resilient to the ebb and flow of life around us and within us than ever before. Which brings us to the phrase “creating space.” Have you heard of it before? If not, here’s what we mean…

Here are 4 ways to create space for yourself.

1. Physical Body

Manipulating the breath creates space, length in the body. If you’ve ever taken a yoga class or a guided meditation before, you’ve been instructed to shape-shift the breath ‘deep breath in, feel the belly rise, the ribcage expand, exhale release; inhale, fill all the way up to your collarbones, exhale let it go.’ This simple exercise helps create space in the physical body. 

Feel it for yourself

2. Schedule

We realize your schedule might look a little different than usual right now, and at the same time, it’s still important to take time out from the constant barrage of CDC and WHO updates to reconnect with yourself.

It’s Sunday and you look at your schedule for the upcoming week, it’s packed. You have work during the day, and every evening has something different: spin class, book club, yoga, the big game, dinner with friends, etc. You start to feel overwhelmed and stressed out by the sheer multitude of events. When you think back to last Sunday and the Sunday before that, you start to realize you’ve felt this way for weeks now. Deep down you don’t want to feel this burnt out anymore, so what do you do? 

You can create space in your calendar by: