1 Simple way to meditate

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September 28, 2021


Meditation can sometimes feel mystical. Imagine a monk wearing a robe sitting high atop a mountain in the Himalayas, not eating for days, not cold (despite the weather), and totally relaxed in body and mind. Sure, that monk has had years of practice, but meditation does not need to look like that. 

Often, when people learn to meditate, do yoga, or breathing practices, there’s this element of “it has to look like THIS.” In reality, all of these practices are most beneficial when you actually do them. If you can fit them into your life, they can look like anything you want. In the end, it will be beneficial. 

Now that you’ve gotten over how meditation should look, our one simple way to meditate is to <Drum roll please….> Do Guided Meditations. <applause> 

Guided meditations are perfect for the newbie and the most experienced monk. It takes some of the stress away from the practice, AND you can pick a meditation that fits the amount of time you have available. It’s like — the perfect solution! <high tens>

Places to find guided meditations? Co-founder Michelle has this great one on YouTube. Also, an Orchid favorite, the app Insight Timer. It’s free and has so many options!

Now schedule a date with yourself. <We’ll wait for you to put it in your calendar> Sit on your floor, a meditation cushion, or lay down in your bed, and press play.