The Second Limb of Yoga – The Niyamas

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November 23, 2021

The Niyamas are the second limb of the eightfold path and are often referred to as ‘the observances.’ Applying these five principles will improve your relationship with yourself, which will support a healthier infertility and life journey.

Below we offer a brief description of each:

SAUCHA means purity or cleanliness of self. Maybe you’ve heard someone use the phrase, “kind thoughts, kind words, kind heart.” This is one simple way to think of saucha. But many of us do not use kind words or kind thoughts with ourselves. So, how could we possibly have a kind heart towards ourselves (or anyone else for that matter)? The practice of yoga invites us to cleanse it all so that we’re more compassionate with ourselves, even on our not-so-awesome days, by giving ourselves some grace.

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SANTOSHA means contentment in your life. Striving to be a parent, especially when we’re up against the daunting journey that brought you to this blog post — infertility — does not create much space for joy. Maybe you’re happy with some areas of your life, but not all aspects. What do you need to shift today to create space for more happiness, right now?

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TAPAS means discipline. Being consistent can be very challenging for many because we’re pulled in a variety of directions day in and day out. Creating a daily ritual or practice that offers opportunities to connect with your inner knowing will afford you endless opportunities for living more aware. But first, you’ve got to remain disciplined in doing so. You get to choose – discipline or remorse – which do you choose?

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SVADHAYA means self-study. Taking time to observe the patterns, behaviors, emotions, and attachments allows you to create space between them and what you choose to do (or not) about them. Holding that space for yourself comes in many forms from a quiet moment in solitude to time spent on your yoga mat or even a solo weekend trip. What would support your desire to become more self-aware right now?

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ISHVARA PRANIDHANA means surrendering to a higher power — the Universe, God, or whatever term resonates with you the most. By allowing yourself to follow the flow of life versus pushing up against it, you’re moving in alignment with the path ahead of you with more ease. Doing so creates less resistance to the reality right in front of you. With less friction in your life, you experience more moments of joy and appreciate the abundant gifts that are all around you.

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Now, take a moment to consider how these might play a role in your life, especially as it relates to trying to get pregnant.

Coming up in next week’s post, we offer different ways to weave the Niyamas into your life to create a deeper connection with yourself.