How to Use The Niyamas

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November 30, 2021

Last week we talked briefly about how each Niyama shows up in our daily life as it relates to infertility. (If you missed that blog post, go back and read it so that you have a solid understanding first.) 

Below you’ll find a chart. For each Niyama, consider how it shows up in your life. In the next column, explore what about each one is working or not. And in the last column, consider what you will do differently and by when. 

Grab your journal and use as much space as you need to work through each section. Give yourself time to explore what shows up. And feel free to take a break if you get stuck or you just need a moment. It’s ok!

Here’s a quick example to get you started:

Pick one of the Niyamas to focus on. Choose if you tackle the easiest one first or if you start with the most challenging one. Start to weave the changes you seek into your daily life. And check back with yourself in 30-days to see how things have shifted for you. If you feel like you’ve incorporated the changes you want and you’re happy with the results, identify the next Niyama you’d like to tackle and get started!