Q&A with Jen about the Chakras

July 20, 2021

During this Q&A, Jen, co-founder of Orchid Experience, shares her history of the chakras and how she uses them in her life.

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Q&A with Michelle about the Chakras

July 14, 2021

During this Q&A, Michelle, co-founder of Orchid Experience, shares how she first learned about the chakras and how she uses them to bring balance back into her life.

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Connection to Self, Community, and a Higher Power

July 7, 2021

Believing in, and staying connected, to the universal power (feel free to use your preferred term) that binds us all together is hard to do when your sister-in-law or a random woman on the sidewalk is pregnant, and you are not. Our fear of potentially never getting pregnant divides us, makes us compare ourselves to others, and turns our thoughts into ‘us versus them.’ This frame of thinking doesn’t allow for universal connection, which is the ultimate goal for the crown chakra (If you missed last week’s blog post, check it out here.) And yet, it’s where many of us find ourselves after a year or more of trying to get pregnant.

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Our connection to life

June 29, 2021

The ultimate goal of the crown chakra is to trust the flow of energy throughout the universal system that connects us all. When we accept that we are all one, we’re better able to remain open to new ideas, trust our inner wisdom, and tune into the lessons and information being offered to us by a higher power. The basic right of this energy center is that we have the right to know and to learn. And the demon, or main difficulty, with this chakra is attachment.

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Seeing Clearly

June 22, 2021

Even if you aren’t going through infertility, the sixth chakra can be hard to balance. We live in an instant gratification world and the constant dopamine reward for every “like,” feel-good movie on-demand, and delivery-desserts can be hard to forgo.

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Seeing with rose colored glasses

June 15, 2021

As we’ve made our way up through the chakras we now find ourselves at the center of our consciousness and intuition. The sixth chakra, Ajna – to perceive and command, is also known as the “3rd eye.” It’s associated with our right “to see” but to see more than just the physical. It’s about being able to see what’s going on around you, and also your ability to see where you want to go, your vision for your life.

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Improve Your Self-Expression

June 8, 2021

Communication is a very important component of daily life. When your throat chakra or Vishuddha is out of balance it can be difficult to express your needs and desires. Last week, we covered what an imbalance might look like in this area.

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Communication, Communication, Communication

June 2, 2021

Communicating your emotions and thoughts while going through infertility can be challenging, even for the most assertive person, but especially for those who are a bit more timid. This lack of expression could be due to ‘white coat syndrome,’ or a shutting down emotionally due to continued stress from repeat cycles of loss. It could also be because of how one is inclined to speak or not speak on their behalf.

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Renewable love

May 25, 2021

Last week, instead of looking at ways to rebalance the third chakra, we spoke of the emotion ‘shame.’ This week, we’ll do the same for our 4th chakra. Most everyone going through infertility will have a deficient fourth chakra from the continual desire to create a family but falling short every month.

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Centering Your Heart

May 18, 2021

The fourth chakra, Anahata, is located in the heart/chest and stretches out through the arms (Think about an embracing hug). The fourth chakra is centered around your right to love and be loved. It’s foundations are built during your early childhood and revolve around you forming friendships and familial relationships.

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